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One only need to read news headlines and statistics

to know that crime, including burglaries, rapes, and murders, continues to increase.

How does one help protect their family and home from thefts, damage, and quite possibly death? Research indicates that homes and businesses having a home security system are three times less likely to be burglarized because intruders don't want to be caught.

A Protect Your Home (ADT Authorized Dealer)Home Security System monitored by ADT, providing coverage for more than 5 million homes, is the most respected name in the business with more than 130 years experience. Find more information about Protect your Home!

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PROTECT YOUR HOME (ADT Authorized Dealer) offers more than helping to protect against burglaries. State of the art technology has allowed them to expand their services to include burglaries and break-ins, medical emergencies, fires, floods and carbon monoxide detection, 24-hour continuous monitoring is like having a professional security person in your home or auto round the clock.

Specialized equipment is installed in the home by a knowledgeable team of Protect Your Home professional experts who will address any questions to satisfaction and offer suggestions on additional security needs.

Equipment includes a master control panel, a key chain remote, 3 door/window sensors, a motion detector, a built-in siren, and yard and window signs for prominent display.

When the system is activated by an intruder, sensitive wireless sensors emit signals that are immediately transmitted to one of five Command Monitoring systems that are strategically located across the nation to provide person-to-person communications.

Upon satisfactory verification by the Command Center, contacts are then made to the appropriate agencies for whatever assistance is required - police, fire, or medical personnel. A simple touch of the keypad will summon assistance for in-home medical emergencies and fire without arming the system.

Sensors are capable of detecting intruders before they step on the property and can distinguish between animal and human body heat. These are installed around the periphery of the home as well as in high-traffic areas inside the home to provide total coverage.

Protect Your Home alarm system equipment is supported by multi-tiered disaster preparedness procedures to assure optimal levels operations even in the worst of conditions. Their professionals enjoy uninterrupted support and services from powerful computers and secure communications links to assure customer reliance in emergency situations -hurricanes, floods, blackouts, tornados, power failures, power outages, and computer crashes.

Those you love and the things you love are continuously helped in being protected with Protect Your Home (ADT Authorized Dealer) to provide peace of mind.

There are many things one can do to protect the home, but a home security system by Protect Your Home is the best investment to help protect all your investments at affordable prices. Begin right now. For as little as what you pay for coffee each month, you can rest assured that you and yours is protected with the best.

Protect Your Home (ADT Authorized Dealer) services start as low as $35.99 per month. Call 1 800 749-3178

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

FREE ADT Home Security System Equipment( $O Cost!) CALL 1 800 749-3178

Get a FREE ADT Home Security System from an authorized dealer of ADT Security Services Inc. (the #1 security services firm in the USA) Free, as far as the equipment goes. CALL 1 800 749-3178 LIMITED TIME OFFER!

( an $850.00 value) You only pay a modest $99 (one time) installation fee that is required along with a $32.99 x36mo.contract that includes a lifetime warranty.

However, state of the art Honeywell/Ademco wireless or hardwire equipment is typically used. Remote control key fobs, talking keypads, pet immune motion detectors, 1 ADT yard sign, 3 window decals and 1 back upbattery that last as long as 3 days without electrical power are all generally included in the basic package.

FREE Senior Citizen, Child Protection and Home Invasion safeguards have been added as well.

In addition, your homeowners insurance carrier will probaly offer you a substantial discount on your insurance premiums, as high as 20% off!

All you have to do is submit the proof of installation form that the installer will leave with you to your homeowners insurance carrier.

The future premium adjustment savings can be quite significant when viewed over a period of time such as 10 years.

Installing a "Burglar Alarm System" in your home is no longer a luxury of the rich and famous but has become a real neccesity in todays world.

Everyone should try their very best to protect their family and posessions from the perils of police fire and medical emergencies at home.

This truly great offer by ADT through it's nationwide dealer network is available for only a "limited time " and must be quickly acted upon by calling a *special toll free telephone number during business hours.

Call 1 800 749-3178 -LIMITED TIME OFFER!

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